Classes Overview

Our classes are the perfect combo’ of laughs and hard work. Pick your flavour or come to them all!


Hiit fit

Our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions will get your heart pumping with short, sharp bursts of exercise paired with short rest breaks. These fun, full body, fat burning sessions will leave you sweaty & energised for the week ahead!

Body Fit Minc Fitness

body fit

Our BODY FIT sessions are all about training in a way that is simple but effective, using only your bodyweight. (Eg. push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups...and much more!)

These sessions will challenge your whole body - improving your strength, power, flexibility and your mood!


box fit

Had a rough day? Here's your solution! Our boxing sessions are high-energy, interactive and rewarding. This style of training will challenge your strength & endurance and help you to improve your balance, co-ordination & core strength. You will leave the class stronger & sweatier, with a smile!


Strong fit

During our STRONG FIT sessions, we focus on performing weighted movements with correct technique to build strength and improve posture. You will feel stronger physically & mentally, sleep better, protect your joints and improve your bone density. Here's to strong women!

Cardio Fit Minc Fitness

cardio fit

A sweaty combo of cardio & core work (a match made in heaven) - Our CARDIO FIT sessions will have your heart-rate up and your abs on fire! Push your limits, feel the burn and you might just become addicted...

Minc fit

Minc Fit

On Saturdays we will keep you guessing with our circuit style sessions! We mix it up with a variety of high intensity, bodyweight, strength & cardio exercises. This keeps it fun & challenging - you’ll never know quite what to expect! MINC FIT sessions will have you well on your way to a fitter, stronger & happier YOU!

zen fit minc fitness

zen fit

Find your ZEN FIT with Sunday Yoga sessions - Calm your mind, increase your flexibility, challenge your body strength and release tightened muscles. The perfect balance to restore your mind & body at the end of a busy week!